-The Social Movement prides itself on managing Social Media pages that are customized and unique to your business. Stock photos, generic phrases, and click bait is not what we are about. With us, your Social Media will be an accurate reflection of your brand so that potential customers can connect on a more personal level, with what you have to offer.

-Social Media is the future of Marketing. It allows you to make personal connections with your fans, and it gives you the ability to form a relationship with them unlike any other form of Marketing out there. These days, relationships turn into customers which equals money. 

-Through the content we post on your behalf, we not only market your brand, but we inform, educate, entertain, and engage with your followers to establish a connection and a trust that your followers will develop with your brand. We want to keep your brand top of mind and Social Media allows you to do that by serving content directly to people's mobile phones. 

-We keep your followers engaged (and we engage back with them), which will in turn spill your brand into other people's networks. This is one of the many ways we increase the reach of your brand so that "new eyes" can discover you. 

-Social Media takes time and expertise. It is always changing and evolving and it requires consistency for organic growth and SEO. The platform algorithms are very complicated, always change, and have a personality of their own. Let the experts stay on top of all the updates, changes, and ways to please the algorithms to maximize reach. 

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